Laboratory for Electrical machines,
Electric drives and Automatics

Didactic practicum - electrical machines and drives
Course Name: Didactic practicum - electrical machines and drives
Study programme: MSc LECE
Lecturer: Miroslav Bjekić, office No. : 231 , phone: 032/302-713, consultations MON: 12.30-14.30
Course Status: Elective ESPB: 6

About Course


The objectives of the course are: introducing students-future teachers of electrical and computer engineering to the basic concepts of teaching methodology in the field of electrical machines and drives’ instruction (EMDI): introducing students to the specifics of high school teaching in EMD field; including students in the instructional process and educating them to use different teaching methods, social-organizational procedures and tools; supporting students’ skills to organize and manage classroom activities; supporting their positive attitudes towards innovations and enabling them for innovation development and implementation in EMDI.