Laboratory for Electrical machines,
Electric drives and Automatics

About Laboratory

The EMPA Laboratory was started in 1960 at the Higher Technical School.

Laboratories for Electrical machines and Electric drives are located in a montage building built in 1976.

The Process control laboratory is naw located in the buildingin which was built in 1963.

Founder of the laboratory for Electrica Machines

dr Slavoljub Janda, professor in retirement, TF Čačak

Founder of the laboratory for Electric drives

Aleksandar Dubić, lecturer Technical High School Čačak

Founder of the laboratory for Control of Electric Drives

dr Sreten Popović, professor in retirement, TF Čačak

Teachers and assistant of the EMPA Laboratory are listed in the sub-menu Researcers.

Former teachers and assistants:

- Laboratory for Electric machines:dr Slavoljub Janda, dr Jeroslav Živanić, mr Dragan Beloševac, dr Milan Dobričić;

- Laboratory for Electric drives: Aleksandar Dubić, dr Sreten Popović, dr Dojčićo Sretenović, Branko Matović, Goran Jevremović;

- Laboratory for Control od Electric Drives: Aleksandar Dubić, dr Sreten Popović

Courses Bachelor and Master studies Electrical and Computer Engineering (moduls IPE - Industrial Power Engineering, EPS - Electrical Power Systems) and Bachelor and master studies Mechatronics.

Seminar, graduation and master works

International and national projects