Laboratory for Electrical machines, Electric drives and Automatics

  Laboratory for Electrical machines,
Electric drives and Automatics

Electrical drives
Course Name: Electrical drives
Study programme: BSc ECE
Lecturer: Marko Rosić, office No. : 224 , phone: 032/302-762, consultations WED: 10:00 - 12:00
Teaching assistant: Marko Šućurović, office No. : 226 , phone: 032/302-753, consultations WED: 10:00 - 12:00
Course Status: Mandatory ESPB: 5

About Course


The course is designed to provide necessary level of knowledge for understanding and dealing with deferent issues in area of electrical drives with DC and AC machines. The course objective is to introduce students with electric drive structure, mechanics, load types, working point and overall stability of the electric drive. When it comes to DC electrical drives the aim of the course is to make students familiar with mathematical models, static characteristics of the machine with separate and series excitation as well as with principles of electrical braking. AC electric drives field deals with mechanical characteristics of induction and synchronous machines, regulation methods and principles of electrical braking.